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The New York City Subway is a wonderful system which spreads across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx.  The MTA also operates the Staten Island Railway.

Tourist Information: Information regarding the basics of the subway system, such as how to get around, how to pay, safety tips, and finding your train.

View the official current subway map (Link to official MTA site)

MTA Staten Island Railway Information: If you ride the subway or a bus, you can transfer to the Staten Island Railway for free!

Point of Interest Search: Find out what stations serve a particular place you'd like to go to.  Select the first letter of the point of interest from the list to the right and press Continue to search:

All Station Search: If you already know the station you need more information on, please select the first letter of its name from the list to the right and press Continue to search:

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Direct Entrance to Subway Lines

 Choose one of the lines above by clicking on it, and you will automatically enter that portion of the site. You can find out about schedules, stations, and more!

You'll probably notice that there are many S (shuttle) lines in the system.  Please click here for an explanation of each S line and where it goes.