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YOU ARE HERE: Home > Changes Coming to has been running since 1998.  There have been several updates over the years to keep the site up to date and now is the perfect time for another update!

You can look forward to seeing:

*The return of FREE subway directions!

*A new automated subway directions system for station-to-station subway directions.

*A new NJ Transit section with custom maps, equipment information, and more!  This section will also include information on all three of New Jersey Transit's light rail systems.

*A new PATH section with custom maps, equipment information, tips on how to ride the system for the first time, and more!

*A brand new section on the Newark and JFK Airport AirTrain system!

*A redesigned subway section to make what you're looking for easy to find!

*A more tourist-oriented approach to the subway which will include guides on how to use the subway, fare information, and more!